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About Versifyr.com

Versifyr is a place where you can show off your poetry skills and interact with fellow poets. It is admittedly a fairly crude website, as it is my (Collin's) first PHP app. This does not mean it's cyber-garbage or something. I am quite proud of this thing!

If you have any requests for modifications to the website, please email me at versifyrpoems@gmail.com and I will try to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Please be patient, as I am busy! This website took me a long time to get going, since I had to learn a lot along the way.

Some new features will come along, such as private messaging, if the website becomes popular. If nobody is going to use the site, I cannot spend time making upgrades. So if you want to see Versifyr expand, please spread the word!

Versifyr will always be free for its users, but if it does grow and I have to rent more server space, I may look to ads to help with that expense.

I (Collin) have been a poet since the mid 90's when I first read Emily Dickinson and decided I wanted to be like her!. This website is a combination of two of the things I enjoy most: poetry and the web! Though it's not the most original idea (I think there are lots of sites like this), it is mine! Woohoo!

Take care. Have fun writing!

-Collin Stubblefield / TechPress Web Design

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